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LLC "Mica Factory" has been manufacturing mica-plastic heaters for more than 40 years, which are components for industrial and household appliances. Currently, the range has been expanded with ceramic and tubular heaters of various types and configurations.

Our company occupies a leading position in Russia in the production and sale of electric soldering irons for a wide range of purposes, design, power and voltage, taking into account IEC requirements. Goods for beekeeping, a dryer for shoes, a set for burning out are in demand. A new product has been developed and is gaining popularity that meets modern requirements in construction - a welding hatchet for a waterstop.

Manufactured products are certified. LLC "Mica Factory" is focused on meeting the needs of customers in obtaining high-quality Russian products and expanding the range of manufactured products.

Our work is aimed at long-term partnerships and therefore is always a priority: careful selection of suppliers, strict quality control, availability of certificates and registration documents.

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Zemlyakov Igor
Zemlyakov Igor Zemlyakov Igor

Feedback from YouTube

Zemlyakov Igor The mica factory in Belgorod is the only enterprise that produces electrical goods for beekeepers at a high level.

Elena Buchkova
Elena Buchkova Elena Buchkova

Hello dear Tatyana! I am infinitely glad, thank you for your efficiency, goodwill, there are no words how to thank you. I agree with the order, I will pay upon receipt. Please thank the staff for making a soldering iron that I bought three years ago and it is still working, operating at full capacity. Thanks a lot! Health and well-being!

Elena Elena

Good afternoon! Thank you very much! Got a soldering iron today! I will work for them and remember you with a kind word! It will make it much easier for me to work with the eyelets on the curtains! I will recommend you to the curtain masters! And how easy it is for you to order! Thank you!!! Prosperity to you and your business!!! Thank you

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Belgorod, Dzgoeva st., 4

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