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Zemlyakov Igor
Zemlyakov Igor Zemlyakov Igor

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Zemlyakov Igor The mica factory in Belgorod is the only enterprise that produces electrical goods for beekeepers at a high level.

Elena Buchkova
Elena Buchkova Elena Buchkova

Hello dear Tatyana! I am infinitely glad, thank you for your efficiency, goodwill, there are no words how to thank you. I agree with the order, I will pay upon receipt. Please thank the staff for making a soldering iron that I bought three years ago and it is still working, operating at full capacity. Thanks a lot! Health and well-being!

Elena Elena

Good afternoon! Thank you very much! Got a soldering iron today! I will work for them and remember you with a kind word! It will make it much easier for me to work with the eyelets on the curtains! I will recommend you to the curtain masters! And how easy it is for you to order! Thank you!!! Prosperity to you and your business!!! Thank you